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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 17:23:48 -0500 From: HOLY CRAP! THIS THING IS AWESOME! By far the easiest sync tool Ive ever used. I have a 99 ZRX1100 and it runs so smoooooth now! I am very impressed! -Dxx

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 06:40:37 -0600 From: hand down the best investment I have ever made thank you so much opportunity to tune my bike myself so easy to use very pleased with my purchase

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 21:14:30 +0100 From: rxxxxxxx@web.de> Hello Sean, I bought my Carbtune Pro in -I guess it was- 2013 and since then never looked back at my dials again. The carbtune is so much more accurate and a lot easier to read that I wondered how on earth I ever got along adjusting carbs without it. It's that big of a difference and it can easily be heard that the engines are running much smoother and at lower idle rpm once properly adjusted. ..... ..... Oh, and instead of lending my carbtune to my mates (one is a professional with his own garage) all the time, I just ordered a Carbtune Pro for that one to be used in his shop... Kind Regards from Detmold, Germany Rxxxx

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 09:54:49 +1000 From: pxxxxxxx@gmail.com> I used the Pro carbtune to balance the idle on the NSU TTS Prinz after removing drilling and tapping the manifold for the vacuum fittings . The engine is a 1000cc with twin Phh40 Solex carbies. The carby balancing took approximately 10 min. to get a perfect result. Amazing! ! Thanks for an excellent product. Regards Pxxx

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 18:47:27 -0500 From: pxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com> Good morning Sean..(well possibly YOUR morning when you read this.) Quick update on the Carbtuner. Spent some time with the Tuner and my Royal Star. Very easy to work with, and work on. All told it took me about 45 minutes to complete the synch... most of that time spent finding the carb screws I needed to tweak, then trying to keep the screwdriver ON that screw with the engine running and looking at the Tuner. Great experience, overall. Didn't have to remove the tank and all four vacuum ports were basically right out in the open, and no need for the adapters. Took less than 10 minutes to hook it up. Great product, Sean. Easy to use and delivers as advertised. Cheers.. Papa Fxxx.

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 20:34:10 +0200 From: Hello, I have offered the Carbtune to my father last week-end. He was pleased to re-adjust his Yamaha 1000 GTS, and 1000 Virago... after having broken the 30 years old bottle of Mercure. My BMW R1200GS, and the Honda 500CB of my son was also in the party ! Many thanks Sean from the Alpes.

Subject: Quality of service Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 01:20:10 +0000 From: Hello Sean, I received my Carbtune today much earlier than I expected. It was really fast. I am excited to try this tool next week. Again, thank you for the quality of the service you gave me. Worth it to deal with such company like you. Sincerely, Cxxxxxx Bxxxx Rawdon, Quebec, Canada

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2017 19:49:49 +0000 (UTC) From: Hello Morgan, Got the unit, read the directions, set up the tool and it was a piece of cake! Very nice product, especially that there is no fluid involved. Thank you and have a good day! Bxxxx

Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 00:14:47 +0000 From: Jxxx Hi, I received my Carbtune today, 30 May 2017. Yesterday was a US holiday, too, so it would probably have arrived a day sooner. Thanks for the quick processing and delivery. It worked well, too. Simple, easy to read, and sensitive. I'm very happy with it. Jxxx

Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 11:51:00 +0000 (UTC) From: Hello, I received the order and I want to let you know that everything is the way I expected, even better. I was impressed by the speed with which you delivered. Thank you. I can not wait to test Carbtune Pro, I think it's a great product! Vxxxxxxx

Date: Wed, 10 May 2017 20:26:10 -0600 From: Got it!! The one we needed to sing for anyway. My GS has never run this clean. The tool is awesome!!! As a mechanic and instrumentation tech I understand that above accuracy, repeatability is key to the value of any such tool. I switched columns between cylinders and repeated adjustments and the Carbtune delivered the consistent performance that makes tuning a science as opposed to a black art. Although the delivery was a bit of a pain (Canada Posts issue not yours) now that I have it I’m truly glad I ordered one. Thanks again for all your support making sure I received it. I am a truly happy customer.

Date: Wed, 3 May 2017 20:33:54 +0000 (UTC) From: Dxxxxx Wxxx Thank you for my order and helpful advice.and for your super service would definitely would recommend you to my friends

Date: Wed, 03 May 2017 09:51:44 +1000 From: Cxxxx Hi Sean, "Thank you for all your customer support in following up with the Royal Mail delayed late shipment, very much appreciated. The Carbtune is certainly an excellent, well thought out product. In a very short time and with little effort I was able to balance the Dellorto carbs on my 1976 Laverda 1000 3CL with accuracy and immediately note the improvement. Very simple to initially set up the Carbtune and install the adaptors-thorough instructions. I will now use it on my fuel injected motorcycles. The Carbtune is an essential tool in my kit now." Cheers, Cxxxx

Date:Sun, 23 Apr 2017 18:58:43 +0100
From: gxxxxx.sxxxx@gmail.com
Sean, Just a quick note to let you know I used my carbtune to balance my R1100S throttle bodies today. After researching the specific adjustments for my engine, I have to say that it was really easy to use the carbtune which gave accurate and stable readings out of the box. Although the idle balance was fine, the part throttle balance was "out" and needed adjustment. Once sorted, a test ride showed the engine was much smoother with a crisper power delivery. I'm really pleased that I bought the carbtune, as I can now keep the motor running as it should. Just wish I'd ordered up the optional bag to keep it in! ... Regards Sxxxx

Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2017 08:34:28 +0000
From: txxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Good morning Mr Morgan . Carbtune equipment delivered day after ordering , Thats brilliant service . thank you very much . .. Regards GX

Date: 11 April 2017 14:37
From: pxxxxxx@hotmail.com
Hi, Thank for the delivery, I received the carbtune today, in good shape, and I was able to find and fix the remaining unbalanced cylinder very quickly on my motorcycle. Regards, Cxxxxx

Date: 28 March 2017 19:16
From: vxxxxx.lxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com
Hello! My Carbtune arrived today 28.4.2017 and succesfully got my motorcycle carbs tuned. Thank you for a great product. Best regards Vxxxxx.

Date: 21 March 2017 19:03
From: mxxxxxxx@hotmail.co.uk
Hello Sean, Just to let you know the Adapters and Pouch arrived today, so thanks for the Super Service. The Pouch is a nice bit of kit and if it had been available when I bought my Carbtune I wouldn't have "lost" my original adapters. I remain a very satisfied Customer, Cheers Pxxx

Date: 25 October 2016 18:46
From: pxxxxxxxx_1961@outlook.com
Ordered my carb tune Sunday order no 1000347 arrived today excellent service thank you Pxxx Sxxxx

Date: 26 August 2016 18:33
From: sxxxxx_xx@hotmail.com
Got it about couple weeks ago, works like a charm. Thanks

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2016 19:13:53 +0100
From: exxx.lxxxxx@free.fr
Bonjour à toute l’équipe de Morgan,
Je tiens tout particulièrement à vous remercier pour l’envoi si rapide du carbtune.
J’ai réceptionné le colis ce jour, la livraison a été très rapide et je suis très satisfait du produit qui correspond exactement à ma commande.
Je vous adresse toutes mes amitiés motardes,
A bientôt,
Très cordialement.
Éxxx Lxxxxx

Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 20:06:02 +0000 (UTC)
From: Gxxx Mxxxx
Just received the 90 degree Angle Driver.(Bevel Screwdriver) Looks great! Just like my carbtune synchronizer I purchased a few years ago, your products really are thought out and built the way a mechanic needs them to be.
Thank you.
Gxxx Mxxxx

From: Mxx Ix
Sent: 25 January 2016 11:12
Hello, Morgan!
I want to thank you especially for reliability, promptness and professionalism you have demonstrated in product delivery Carbtune Pro-4.
Today I came into possession of and am very pleased, can not wait to use it.
Congratulations and keep up the work in the future!
With gratitude,
Vxxxxx Vxxxx
Calarasi - Romania

From: Jxxxx Bxxxxxxx
Sent: 24 January 2016 16:23
I gave the Carbtune a try today.
I have a Suzuki GSX 750 ES 1983 and I have had my carbs off for a properly clean.
I had synced them manually with a feeler gauge before reinstalling them on the bike, so I didn’t think they would be much off.
I was so surprised when I hooked the Carbtune up and saw that the carbs was anything but synced!
About an hour later the carbs were properly synced and the throttle response was much better and a very smooth and steady idle.
Well worth the money!
Jxxxx Bxxxxxxx

From: Txxxx Sxxxxxxx
Sent: 17 January 2016 14:47
I just received the tool this weekend, and the quality is even better than I imagined.
Thank you! :)
Txxxx Dxxx Sxxxxxxx

From: Rxxxxx Cxxx
Sent: 20 October 2015 11:03
Thank you Sean
It has been my pleasure working with your Carb tune tool
The Carb Tune is a valued addition to my tool box and I expect to use it many times
I recommend it to all my friends that work with Multiple Carburetors
Rxxxxx Cxxx

From: Mxxxxxx and Axxx Bxxxxxx
Sent: 11 October 2015 09:35
Just to let you know the carbtune arrived in a couple of days.
I have used it and it is great - so much better than dial gauges I have used in the past!

From: Gxxxx Fxx
Sent: 09 October 2015 18:51
Wow that was quick and at 10.01 PM ! I am impressed.
Thanks and now you know what I will be doing Saturday.
Very Impressed of Somerset.
Geoff Fox

From: Sxxxxxx Cxxxxxx
Sent: 05 October 2015 21:56
Hello Sean, the carbtune is working very well and it helped me to diagnose and correct the uncorrect align of a throttle valve on my FZ6 Fazer and now my engine runs at his best !
I am very keen to try it on my old Moto Guzzi when I finish the restoration work I am doing.
Sxxxxxx Cxxxxxx.

From: Jxxx
Sent: 21 September 2015 16:38
Good afternoon Mr Morgan,
Order number: 6xxxx / 080915 / 82
I have used the Carbtune Pro and found it very straightforward. The damping is just right for my FZS 600 Fazer and I was able to balance the carbs to within 1 cm Hg. The bike goes much more smoothly now (the worst cylinder was out by 5 cm Hg, but I had been fiddling about with my old 'one gauge and 4 taps' set-up) and the task of carb balancing is now not such a daunting prospect.
The main difficulty now is seeing the adjustment screws!
Thanks for great delivery and a great product.
Kind regards, Jxxx (Leeds, W. Yorkshire)

From: Fxxxxx Bxxxxx
Sent: 28 August 2015 07:39
Hello my name is Fxxxxxx Bxxxxx , I received my carbtune and my 90 degree carb tool on 8/17/2015 . I am extremely happy with both products , very high quality , thank you very much !

From: Dxxxxx Mxxxxxx
Sent: 28 August 2015 03:55
Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service, extremely fast delivery and great product. I received the package from you faster than items ordered from just south of the border. Here is a video of the carbtune in action. 2007 Vstar 1100 Silverado...... Carbs now synched!

From: Sxxxx X.
Sent: 26 August 2015 12:04
I have received my Carb tune as of 8/25 and it works great ! I used it last night when I got it and it works just as advertised and just as it's supposed to , thank you so much !

Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 09:07:23 +0100
From: dxxxxx mxxxx
Hello . Declan here ! I took delivery of item yesterday and have to say I'm very pleased with the high quality and precision of the instrument and excellent value in my opinion , Thank you so much ! Best regards ... ...Dxxxxx

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 21:29:00 +0200
From: Sxxxx Bxxxxxxx
Just wanted to let yo know I purchased a carbtune a while back, finally
balanced my carbs tonight. Wow what a difference. What a great piece of
kit, easy to use, great price. Never thought it would be this easy.
If you want to use this as a testimonial please feel free.

25/06/2015 14:12, vxxxxxxxxx_axxxxx wrote:
Hi Sean ,I received my carbtune in about 9 days .It arrived yesterday at my place in Romania and I am a very happy costumer cause this is a wonderful tool and a must for every motorcycle owner. Thank you

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 08:57:54 +0000
From: Lxxx Hxxxxxx
Hello Sean,
My order (5xxxx/010615/42) arrived on Friday, 12.06.15. Carbtune was in perfect condition, and worked perfectly. I'm very happy with quality and how easy it was to tune the carbs on my '95 Triumph using the Carbtune.
Vennlig hilsen / Kind Regards

Lxxx B Hxxxxxx

From: Cxxxx Wxxxx
Sent: 07 June 2015 00:46
Received my carbtune today. 10 mins after connecting it I'm done and the bike runs amazing!

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 20:05:18 +1000
From: Pxxx <pxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com.au>
Hello Sean,
The tool arrived....wow... Should have brought this years ago.
Gained extra torque, better economy and so smooth.
Best part it took less than half the time of using my other gauges, they are residing in the garbage.

Mon, 20 Apr 2015 15:46:48 -0700
From: Axxxx <axxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
package arrived Thursday April 16
thanks so much the carbtune pro works very well and did a remarkable job.


14/04/2015 00:12, Mxxxxxx John Wxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello Sean
Package arrived today. Very nicely made product, used it on my SV1000S. Excellent.
Thank you and all the very best.

From: cxxxxxxxx@exxxxx.net
Sent: 03 April 2015 08:25
Have to say fantastic service. Super quick delivery and I got the lot delivered for less that one retailer wanted for the postage alone !!!! I've posted on any biker forum I'm involved in recommending to direct directly with yourselves.
Thanks again

From: Dxxx Hxxxxxx
Sent: 24 March 2015 23:41
Arrived today & used today, superb. Thanks

From: Axxxxx.mxxxxxxxx
Sent: 13 February 2015 01:49
Hi, feeling tremendously accomplished after balancing my carbs with the Carbtune Pro, very straightforward and quick operation. The pouch is much better quality than I'd expected. Thanks for excellent value for money and great service. I ordered online on the 23rd of January and received it on the 3rd of February here in Las Vegas.
Appreciatively Axxxxx.

From: Pxxx Bxxxxx
Sent: 07 February 2015 17:46
Hi Sean
Spot on thanks for your help. I love your vacuum gauges and now your service is fantastic too. It's time for a you tube video showing your product and it applications as I have used it on outboard motors and rotax micro light motors.
Thanks Pxxx.

From: Mxxxxx Exxxx
Sent: 13 January 2015 14:36

Just received your product in the mail, opened the package, hooked it up to my 4 carbs, realized how out of synch they really were, and had them straightened out within ten minutes.
The bike runs better than it ever has.
Thanks for a wonderful and easy to use product.
Mxxxxx Exxxx
British Columbia, Canada

From: sxxxx
Sent: 13 January 2015 09:54
Hi Sean,
Received my Carbtune today very pleased with delivery time and product all works fantastic.
Thanking You

Sxxxx Sxxxxx

From: Exxx Pxxxxx
Sent: 29 December 2014 22:56
Hi Sean,
very impressed, about half an hour to read the instructions and set-up the hoses and about 10 minutes to balance the inlets on my FZ6. Able to get very fine adjustments and engine running very smooth. .....

From: Axx
Sent: 17 December 2014 20:47

I received my package today. I am glad I got the carrying pouch, it is absolutely beautiful! I plan to use the carbtune this week since we have 70 and 80 degree weather here.........Axx

From: mxx
Sent: 04 December 2014 18:55
Hi Sean,
Just wanted to let you know - I received my Carbtune the other day. What a great tool, simple and easy to use! Glad I got it with the case. Bike is so smooth now. Will get some other bits and pieces in the future.

From: Dxxxx Dxxx
Sent: 11 November 2014 18:11
Hello Mr. Morgan.

I'm very happy with this tool. I just used it and took me 5 minutes to synchronize my 4 carburetors! I have very bad experiences with the MotionPro one....
Thank you very much!


From: cxxxxxx hxxxxxx
Sent: 11 October 2014 12:02
My order was placed yesterday morning, I have just taken delivery. Fast by any standard, thankyou for such speedy service.

From: Sxxxxxx Hxxxx
Sent: 10 October 2014 16:13
My carb tune arrived safely today.
I'm very impressed with both the product and your speedy service.

From: Cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx
Sent: 08 October 2014 11:01
Tried the carbtune for the first time today, Worked like a charm! No need to use adapters, just used the wiretype hoseclamps from the blockoff rubbers from bike..
Thanks for a great product!

Wed, 10 Sep 2014 13:31:10 +0100
From: Nxxxx SxxxxHi There,

Just like to say my Carbtune arrived (very fast delivery) and works like a dream. Very happy.
I have a Honda Deauville NT650v (twin Vee cylinder) and your instrument fits easily and reads clearly.
Tried indicator vacuum dials in the past and they just bounce all over the place.
Many thanks,
Nxxxx Sxxxx

From: Gxxxxx Wxxxxxxx
Sent: 30 August 2014 22:02
Hi Sean.
Thankyou for the prompt postage of my Morgan Carbtune. It turned up while I was away for work, on the 18th of August. I used it yesterday and am really happy with the product, my bike is running a lot better.
Many thanks,

From: bxxxx.sxxxxx@tiscali.co.uk
Sent: 27 August 2014 18:29
sean received order on 27/08/2014 brilliant product excellent service many thanks .pxxx

From: Hxxxxx Exxxx
Sent: 20 August 2014 19:13
Hi again, recieved my Carbtune yesterday.
Must say that it works like a charm. Used it on my Yamaha f50 outboard and now it runs really smooth. Much better than any other tool that I have been using.
Thanks alot.
Hxxxxx / Sweden

From: sxxx
Sent: 16 August 2014 21:36

Hello Morgan, I received my carbtune pouch on 15-08 14. nice bit of kit,just balanced throttle bodies on my 99 VFR800. piece of cake,Your carbtune is a great tool.kind regards stan.

From: Hxxxx R
Sent: 08 August 2014 08:58
Thank you for this Carbtune manometer. I got it by mail on wednesday and yesterday I tested it with my Yamaha F50A 2000 outboard motor. There was some idling problems with Yamaha because the carbs were not calibrated properly and now it's working again thanks to Carbtune. So now I'm able to go fishing again :-) The maximum rpm of the motor also rised from 5300 to 5500 rpm. Thank you very much!
Hxxxx Rxxxxxx

From: lxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 05 August 2014 16:31

Hi just wanted to let you know I received my tools today. Thanks very much. I especially appreciate the 90 degree driver........I'm a sucker for quality tools you use seldom....lol. I bet I will have to use it on a cfm engine at some point (boeing), but today I shall get my RVF tuned up.


From: Pxxxx Pxxxx
Sent: 05 August 2014 10:58
Hi Sean,
just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to doing the work. The Carbtune works perfectly, I was done in just a few minutes. Before, I did the syncing with a self built gauge (oil, bottles and lots of tubing) which was always a real hassle to do. Congrats for a great product!

From: Sxxxx Mxxxxxxx
Sent: 25 July 2014 00:18

Mr. Morgan, received my Carbtune Pro today July 24, 2014. Ordered it on July 16. Excellent delivery time. This is a fine instrument and the case is top quality too. Plan to put it to use this weekend.
Thanks, Wxxxxx

From: Cxxxx Dxxxxxx
Sent: 27 September 2013 09:43


I just used the Carbtune pro last night to Sync the carbs on my Moto Guzzi Monza.
FANTASTIC! Super simple and works a treat. All done in 20 mins and the bike now runs and sounds smoother.
Well done on a great product!
Cxxxx Dxxxxxx

From: mxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: 16 August 2013 12:40
Hi Sean,
Carbtune arrived wendnesday, took me less then 5 minute's to sync the carbs.
Perfect piece of kit !!!!!
Cheers, Mxxxx

From: Jxxx Mxxxxx
Sent: 01 July 2013 22:44

Just a quick note to thank you for a superb product.
Having just received my new Carbtune Pro, I used it today to synch the TBs on
my brother-in-laws R1100GS. Such a joy, far superior to the mercury and fluid crap
I've used in the past.
Hurst TX, USA

From: Jxxx L. Bxxxx
Sent: 13 June 2013 22:58
... I am letting you know that I received notice of my Carbtune being delivered yesterday, June 12, 2013. I will add that I just finished syncing the carbs on my 2006 Royal Star Tour Deluxe and it couldn't have been easier. Great product, great price, and so very simple to use. Couldn't ask for more, thank you.

From: Pxxxx Mxxxx
Sent: 26 May 2013 20:08
Hi Sean,

Just to let you know that the Carbtune arrived the next day, so many thanks for your prompt service. Also, it worked great on my old XJ900f so I'm delighted, thank you!

best wishes


From: mailto:h.vxxxxxxxxx@chello.nl]
Sent: 30 April 2013 19:45
Hello Sean,

As promised hereby the feedback of the first use of carbtune.

Today I used it to adjust my old Suzuki VX800 and it worked perfectly .... The VX runs very smoothly now and picks up far better then before.
Perfect tool and easy to use! I will spread the word...
Best regards and thanks again for your support.

From: cxxxx sxxxx
Sent: 30 April 2013 02:14
Received it the next day on the 25. It works great. already fixed the wives bike and she is puuuuring like a kitten. Working on mine now. Thanks much


From: Sxxxx Lxxxx
Sent: 25 March 2013 01:19
Thanks Sean
Got my old 1983 GPz750 sorted out over the weekend, thanks to the Carbtune. It is so simple to set up and use, and the clear instructions would ensure even a novice hobby mechanic couldn't mess up. I'm really chuffed to bits with it; it will certainly be getting plenty of use as my carbs are advised to be checked very regularly. I'll certainly be recommending it to any other bikers I meet here Down Under!
Many thanks Sent: 25 March 2013 01:19 Thanks Sean Got my old 1983 GPz750 sorted out over the weekend, thanks to the Carbtune. It is so simple to set up and use, and the clear instructions would ensure even a novice hobby mechanic couldn't mess up. I'm really chuffed to bits with it; it will certainly be getting plenty of use as my carbs are advised to be checked very regularly. I'll certainly be recommending it to any other bikers I meet here Down Under! Many thanks Sxxxx

From: Jxxx Txxxxx
Sent: 15 January 2013 05:35
Hi Sean,

I received the Carbtune this evening and it works great! It's such a great product. It was very easy to use and accurate. Throttle response is instant now.

Thanks again.


From: Sxxxx Kxxxxx
Sent: 03 January 2013 18:16
Many thanks received 90% screwdriver today just wanted to say thanks for quick delivery and what a excellent bit of quality kit

From: Oxxxx Cxxxxxxxx
Sent: 21 December 2012 11:10
Hello amigos,
I’m just letting you know that I received my colortune 3-plug kit and 4-colume Carbtune synchronizer on Dec 10, I was very surprised that it only took 7 day to get to North Hollywood, California.
Awesome product and thanks for the A+++ service!
Happy Holidays,

From: Jxxx [mailto:jxxxxxxxxx@live.com.au]
Sent: 14 December 2012 11:29

I would just like to thank you all for the great product you sent to me, here in Adelaide South Australia.

I ordered the four stick unit on the 26/11/2012 online and received it here on the 5/12/2012.

Had it assembled and fitted to my recently restored (it took me four years) 1976 Yamaha XS750D, and within 30 minutes, she was idling like a dream.

Fingers crossed, our South Australian weather will improve, as we are supposed to be in summer, and I can get her on the road and run in!

Once again, thank you all for sending the four stick carbtune to me so promptly, I look forward to many years of tuning with it.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and rewarding New Year. Don't get too cold, aye.


John D.

From: Jxx Pxxxx
Sent: 15 November 2012 03:03
Received the Carbtune today (11-14-12) in good condition. All ready used it on my bike (Honda ST1300). Worked as advertised and will be using it on two friends bikes. Thanks for a great product.
Jxx Pxxxx

From: Gxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx
Sent: 01 November 2012 22:23
Hi Sean, I've received the Carbtune yesterday, and today I've synced my FZS 600.
Thank you very much indeed for your wonderful product, everything was easy and comfortable with it, the whole task took maybe 40 minutes, from removing the tank to put it back in place! I will suggest all my friends to get a Carbtune for their own, for sure. Have my best wishes, Yours sincerely, Gxxxxxxx.

From: bxxxxxxx@cxxxx.net.nz
Sent: 10 October 2012 19:58

to all at carbtune
on the 1st of oct i ordered a carbtune pro.
i would like to say thank you for your excellent service as it was delivered to me at my address in new zealand on the 9th of oct.
you have a very happy customer and would recommend you and your products once again thank you.

gxxxxx pxxxx
new zealand

From: "Mxxx Wxxxxx"
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2012 3:43 PM

The holiday weekend here gave me a chance to perform a TBS on my FJR1300A.
Let me say that your Carbtune is a great piece of kit! It worked exactly as the instructions said it would. Just wanted to let you know that it is very pleasing to have equipment that makes this tedious job so straightforward, and the results so accurate. TBs are all synched now and the bike purring like a cat.
Thanks again. Great product.

From: Jxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 8:52 PM

Hi Sean.
Just a few words to tell you how happy I am with the Carbtune. The enclosed documentation is fantastic and even though I hadn't tuned throttles before it made the job really straightforward. Start to finish it took me about 15 minutes.
Kind regards,
Jxxxxxxx TT600

From: "Cxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxx"
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2012 10:33 PM
I tuned the carbs today, on the water. Took me about 15 minutes total from popping of the cowl until putting it back on. I had the carbs pretty good set up by ear but this last touch made that I could lower the idle from 1000 rpm to specified 800 rpm without the engine stalling. The motor also runs more evenly in trolling speeds. I strongly recomend this tool for Mercury/Mariner carbed 4-stroke outboards. Well spent money since the marine mechanic had a fixed price for this which was more expensive than the tool.


From: Gxxx Mxxxx
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 3:49 PM
Hey Morgan --
Received my Carbtune on Friday, 27 July. Used the tool Saturday. Worked great. It was my first experience in synching carbs, so I don't know how well other tools work but yours works great. Have heard it said that an experienced person can Carbtune synch their carbs on the fuel in the float bowls and don't have to hook up an auxillary fuel tank. I believe it. Carbtune works that well and it only took about ten days to get here.
Great product and great service. Many, many thanks.
Gxxx Mxxxx
Kansas City, Missouri

From: Mxxx Rxxxxx
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2012 3:06 AM

Dear Carbtune Staff, I own a 1999 Honda ST1100 non abs which I have just updated with new suspension, timing belt, check valves, and a view other maintenance issues. I had made a home built Carb syncronizer from several internet examples, but continually was sucking the oil out of the contraption during the run up even with several different restrictors. I waited patiently for eight days for your product to come, installed the resistrictors, and in less then 45 minutes had all the carbs dialed in nicely at both 1200rpm and 1800rpm. Beautiful tool ! It worked flawlessly. Thanks for your inventiveness to free us of the old and hazardous mercury sticks. Sincerely Mxxx W. Rxxxxx Dayton, MN USA

From: D. Dxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2012 5:47 AM
I received my carbtune a few weeks ago and had my carbs sync'd in 20 mins. What a difference! Thanks so much for an easy to use and fantastic product!
Dxxxx Dxxxxxx

From: Lxxxxx Sxxxx
Sent: Friday, June 01, 2012 5:47 AM
Hi Mr. Morgan,
I had received the carbtunes and also have using it.
Now my GSF 400 has been running super smooth in every rpm range.
Also my mechanic friend has been using it extensively in his workshop.
He said it is super easy to use for calibrating 4 carbs simultaneously.
Wonderful product you have created.
Thank you.

From: gxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx@libero.it
Sent: Saturday, April 21, 2012 12:40 AM
Subject: Carbtune, very very good
I fixed today carburettor of my Guzzi LeMans.
Absolutely perfect, quickly and reliable.
I can compare Carbtune with my previosly mercury gauge (professional) and it's much more accurate, light.
Thanks, really a good product, I'll recommend it to my friends.
Best regards from Italy
Gxxxxxxxxx Zxxxx

From: Hxxx Mxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 10:18 AM
Good morning,
The postman delivered my carbtune yesterday and I just finished synchronising 5 minutes ago. Piece of cake, what a fantastic tool, much better than the round ones!
All the best,
Hxxx Mxxxxx

Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 11:03 AM
Good Morning

I ordered a Carbtune Pro from you on Friday 23rd am and it arrived Saturday 24th around 9am. By about midday on the Saturday I had my carbs balanced perfectly. I would just like to say thank you for such quick service and what a brilliant piece of kit the Carbtune Pro is!!
Gxxx Pxxxxxxxx UK

From: "Sxxxxxx Bxxx"
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 12:18 AM
Received my carbtune pro today. Fairly quick shipping considering it
came from the UK. The tool itself is fantastic. I used it as soon as it
arrived, and my carbs are now perfectly sync'd. Thanks for the quick
service and a quality tool, I'll be recommending you to my friends.

From: Pxxxx X. Kxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 2:02 AM
I got my item today and it worked out perfect. 100% perfect.
Very nice tool.
Thank you!!!!

From: Axxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxx
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 7:42 PM
Your carbtune makes everyone look like bike mechanics,even the stupidest ones!I just synchronised my SV's carbs:piece of cake with that tool.
Well done,

From: "Bxxx Hxxxxxxxx"
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2012 7:29 PM
Hi Sean - I gave the Carbtune a go last night on my Triumph Daytona
1200 and have to say that this product is everything you promised.
There is simply no comparison to the mercury type guages I was using
for these past many years. The "rods" in the carbtune are easy to see
and unlike the mercury gauges do not get air bubbles in the tubes. I
am going to give the Carbtune a go on my fuel injected Ducati next to
synchronize the throttle bodies; instead of a dreaded maintenance
chore as in the past, I am actually looking forward to using it again.
As an owner of 7 motorcycles I must do my own maintenance out of
necessity and now I wish I had sprung for the Carbtune years ago.
Installing the dampers takes under 5 minutes and the storage pouch is
a classy addition. The Carbtune unit is a quality item all the way.
Bxxx H.
Portland, Oregon

From: Dxxxx Cxxxxxx
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 7:27 PM
Bonjour Mr. Morgan,
J'ai reçu mon carbtune pro aujourd'hui,excellent produit et très facile d'utilisation.Encore merci
Cordialement,Cxxxxxx Dxxxx.

From: Jxxx Txxx
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 9:02 AM

Hello, just a short note to let you know that I have used your device for setting the carbs on my 1964 BMW.
After making a fixture to set up the carbs for drilling and tapping a port for the hose barbs I refitted the carbs and proceeded to tune them using your vacuum gauges ( yes I did have to have them upside down like you say).
Well in spite of my best efforts previously I was surprised to find just how far out my settings were , now the bike is 100% compared to before thanks to your cabtune system.
Regards Jxxx.

From: Kxxxx Exxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:47 AM

I just thought i would let you know that your carb tool is great. I just got it today and i hooked it up and gave it a try and man its alot better than any of the other ones that i have. Its really easy and its a very good way to get the carbs fine tuned. So i just wanted you to know this and to say thank you ...Kxxxx Exxxxxxx

From: Bxxxxxx Rxxxxx Mxxx
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 7:31 PM
Hello Mr Morgan:
Just to let you know I have now checked out (and used) the contents of the package and it all looks and works very well, the carrycase is a plus to keep everything mess free. I have now synchronized the starter valves on my 2003 Honda VFR800 and the difference is definitely palpable. Smoother idle and finer response to small throttle inputs... the bike was running very rough, but you don't appreciate just how much until you perform this maintenance (90,000 km on the bike and never been done... ...
Many thanks,


From: Mxxxxxx Bxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2011 8:50 PM

Mr. Morgan,
My package arrived Friday, October 7th. I used my carbtool this weekend and loved it. With a little guidance from the instruction booklet, I found the process very simple and easy (and actually fun). I had considered getting a more expensive dial guage setup initially before researching my options and I'm very glad I went with the Carbtune. Thanks for everything.

Mxxxxxx Bxxxxxx

From: txx.hxxxxx
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 10:43 PM
Subject: To Quote The Who "The BEST I ever had"
I have been using your Carbtune product for well over a year now and I am very happy with it's performance. It took a little trial & error to train myself with the finer points of it's use and care but the results are fantastic. I have owned / used many other carb sync gauges / products and given them all away or thrown them in the trash. Many happy customers, one said "It's never idled so smooth".
Txx Hxxxxx
Owner/Chief Mechanic
AXX Cycle Shop

From: "Bxxxx" <bxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 10:09 AM

I bought a Carbtune and used it on the Triumph Thunderbird 900 yesterday. It
is hard to convey the change in words. It has gone from three singles
fighting each other to one triple cylinder engined bike running smoothly and
The Carbtune is a great product. Well done.

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From: Hxxx Kxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 9:55 PM

Beste mensen van Morgan Carbtune Ltd
Ik heb een carbtune pro set gekocht en wil u dit zeggen : Zeer goed product .
Duidelijke uitleg hoe en wat te doen , resultaat : een prima lopende motor .
Ik bracht altijd mijn motor naar de dealer om het blok te laten carbtunen , kostte mij elke keer 1 uur arbeidsloon ,
dit geld kan ik nu in mijn zak houden + op deze manier is het onderhoud aan je eigen motor nog leuker geworden .
( ik rijd een Honda ST 1100 Pan European 2001 )
Met vr. groeten van een tevreden klant .
Hxxx Kxxxxx

From: "Dxxxxx Wxxx"
Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 9:33 PM
Hi Sean
I just wanted to give you feedback on my purchase of your Carbtune Pro. I
couldn't wait to use this on my 2004 R6 after receiving it the day after
ordering online in an easy and efficient online transaction. The device was
SO easy to use and very professionally finished! My bike now runs so much
smoother throughout the entire rev range with MUCH less vibration through
the pegs/bars/tank and idles considerably better. I had so much fun using it
and can't wait to use it again!
Thank you
Dxxxxx Wxxx

From: Gxxxxx Ixxx
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2011 1:45 AM
Recieved my colortune today 14 Sep. I immediately went to work on my 79 BMW R80/7. I got the mixture right and then synced the carbs in no time flat. I was amazed how quick and easy it was. I was also suprised at how a tiny adjustment could make a big difference. I could not have done this by ear. Thank you for a terrific product.
Sincerely Gxxxx Ixxx

From: rxxxxx jxxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:11 AM
Hello Sean,
Last weekend i've used the carbtune and it works flawlessly!
Used it on an ducati 748.
I'm very pleased with the result!

From: "Rxx Axxxxxxxx"
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 7:34 PM
Hello Sean,
It was a breeze to sync the carbs on my 1995 Triumph Sprint.
Had to use it upside down (like described in BMW procedure) as vacuum was surprisingly low.
Instant improvement in engine performance!
Thanks and regards,

From: Bxx Txxxxxx
Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 7:41 PM
Owning a 2003 Bandit 600 is great. It just got a whole lot better when I bought the carbtune kit and tuned the carbies. They only needed a minor tweak, but it made such a difference. It revs to the red-line now so smoothly and cruises so well. A good investment – get a set. Ride safely.

From: Mxxxx, Gxxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 11:16 AM

That’ great thanks for the reply,

For the record, your vacuum gauges have now proven themselves to be the single most significant investment in my bikes overall performance. The bike runs smoother, has more power and uses less fuel as a result of a fiddly but quite simple tuning procedure. I only wish I had bought a set the first time I considered some nearly 12 months ago. A new bike for 60 quid, a bargain!
Gxxx Mxxxx.

From: "Lxxxxxxx A Dxxxxxxx Jr"
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2011 6:16 PM
Guess I should have waited a couple of more days before I wrote my first email to you. I received the carbtune yesterday (23 July) and have already used it! Awesome product and my 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe runs as smooth as silk! Thank you very much!

From: Bxxx
Sent: Friday, June 17, 2011 6:00 AM
Hi Sean -
As they say in the UK, "Very nice bit of kit!" I'm a product development engineer, so I appreciate what has gone into this device.
It's simple and works great. My BMW is happy.
Best regards,
Bxxx Cxxxxx

From: Dxxxxx Mxxxx
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2011 3:46 PM
Dear Sean,
My carbtune was delivered last tuesday morning, so the estimation of 2 weeks for deliverytime you gave in the previous mail was accurate.
Anyway, I synchronized my bike yesterday with it and it was almost too easy. I really think taking candy from a baby is more difficult.
And the throttle response, which was really terrible, is now in one word perfect. It's a perfect tool, easy to use and only 3/4 of the price that I would have to pay the dealer for doing it for me.
Thanks for everything, and untill the next order. Good luck with your business.
Kind regards,
Dxxxxx Mxxxx (a very satisfied customer)

From: Bxxx Pxxxx
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2011 10:41 PM

Sean my name is Axxxxx Pxxxx 3xxxxx/060111/42. I ordered a Carbtune Pro some time ago .....As I told you when it arrived, I would have to wait for warmer weather before I could try it out. Well it finally warmed up and I was able to use it to balance 2 outboard motors. Both were 4 stroke, 4 cylinder motors. I have to say I was very impressed. The columns were very stable and the whole unit is very user friendly. It was worth the wait. THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRODUCT AT REASONABLE PRICE.

From: Jxxx Jxxxxxx
To: Morgan
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 2:35 AM
I received the unit last Friday (very fast delivery) and have already used it to tune the carbs. It worked great and really made a difference in how smooth it runs. Thanks for a terrific product!

From: "Jxxxx Bxxxxx"
Sent: Monday, March 28, 2011 10:46 AM
Just wanted to let you know, I used my Carbtune for the first time