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temporary fuel tank design sent in by Pat Collins. 



Please note. This design has not been tested or tried by us, it is a customer's own design. Remember fuel is a fire hazard. It is also hazardous for inhalation or contact. If you follow this customer's design take care that it will not present any hazard to you or your vehicle. Test the fuel resistance of the tank and components in a safe environment before use. Test the mountings and make sure they will not break or come loose during use. We accept no responsibility for this design and it is here only as a guideline.


This design is for a twin fuel pipe system. For a single pipe system use one outlet pipe. You can blank off one outlet or put inline fuel taps on both outlet hoses so you can have a 1 or 2 pipe system by turning on or off the fuel taps. This will make it safer.

List of parts 

(1) Dual circuit brake fluid reservoir

(2) one metre of 6mm rubber fuel pipe (cut into 2 pieces)

(3) 2 small pieces of larger petrol resistant  pipe to connect to reservoir outlets and 6mm pipe

(4) petrol pipe clips various sizes

(5) 2 small inline fuel filters to connect set up to original lines on the carbs.

Metal brackets can be purchased from building merchants. (normally used in roofs or floor joists as strengtheners and connecters). On the photo’s I have put small pieces of petrol pipe with stainless bolts in the end over the filter ends to keep them clean, these need to be removed to connect the filters to the original lines. (Bolts have a smooth shank to seal the pipe)

 To make wash out tank with clean petrol, then connect the pipes to the tank and filters, the holes in the brackets are pre-drilled, use the holes to connect the tank to the bracket with a nut and bolt and the assembled unit to the bike frame, I used a fairing hole and fairing screw to hold it in position.

Pat Collins

Please check for leaks before use.



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