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100 degree screwdriver


100 degree screwdriver. 220mm long (8.5 inches) approx. (Handle 115mm)


Selection of bits stored in a rubber moulding.


Collar is removeable for really awkward spaces and can also rotate to 12 different angles around the shaft.


Handle can be removed to connect a power tool to the standard hex drive or to extend the shaft.

power tool

You can connect up a power tool to drive the head. (Power tool not supplied.)


Or you can use it as a stubby screwdriver with the supplied standard hex bit holder.


Or use more standard bit holders that you have to extend the length of the shaft  to almost any size.


100 degree angled drive.

bevel drive

Collar can be rotated to 12 positions around shaft.

angle drive

The 100 degree screwdriver (approx) makes adjustment and removal of awkward screws easier!

Bevel 100 is a very useful tool at a sensible price.  Can help with those difficult to reach idle mixture screws and at a fraction of the price of OE tools.

Features Include:
100 degree angled head allows access into tight, restricted spaces. Paddle collar can be rotated around the shaft to the most convenient position. 
Collar can be removed altogether for very tight spaces. 
Head can be used with a cordless drill or screwdriver as shown in photos. (Cordless screwdriver not included.)
Includes 12 bits in PzDrive, Philips, Flat and Star.
PH1, PH2, Pozi 1, Pozi 2, Pozi 3. 4mm Flat, 7mm Flat, Torx T10, T15, T20 as well as a standard straight hex bit holder.
Can be used with any of the 1/4" hex drive bits that come with a cordless screwdriver.
Handlegrip pulls off and reveals a standard hex drive that can fit a power tool.
Also shaft can be extended in length by using the hex bit holder. In fact you can add as many of these extensions (they come with cordless screwdrivers etc.) as you want to make the shaft almost any length.
Can also be used as a straight screwdriver with just the handle and bit holder.

Only approx 43mm clearance needed with 4mm flat bit. (29mm from back of head to front of drive. Bit protudes 14mm from drive. For really tight spaces the hex drive of the bit could be ground or cut to reduce the exposed length.
Rotating collar fits any position on the shaft and can be rotated to 12 different angles around the shaft for easy steadying of the screwdriver.

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£16 for this very useful tool.



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